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The supernatural world and those that move in it are a strong curiosity for a great many people. Many look at the Occult world and its occupants and cannot help but consider it a sham and a fraud. This could not be further from the truth. Those with this influence are able to control and direct the world that comes the closest to the Kindred world. Kindred who have control in the Occult world are able to garner support and information from cult leaders, alternative religious groups, charlatans, would-be occultists and New Agers.
Note that this influences is not the most effective way to obtain rituals. Negotiation with other characters is advised.


  1. Contact and make use of common occult groups and their practices; Know some of the more visible occult figures; join a fringe religion; learn about new trends or dangers to the occult subculture; acquire common occult resources (candles, bones, crystals, etc.) of decent quality; acquire common ritual components


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