House Rules

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This page contains House Rules and is therefore OUTGAME

This campaign is build on Vampire V20 core rulebook. In order to fit those rules in the story the following errata:

Character Creation

In the process of character creation the following rules must be followed:

  • PC’s are all fledgelings embraced within the last 25 to 30 years
  • PC’s are about to be released into adulthood
  • PC’s can only be the seven camarilla clans
  • PC’s have no function within the court
  • At the end of character creation each character recieves 25 XP points for their age
  • Influence and additional disciplines can only be bought with XP points recieved for age. Other traints must be gained ingame.
  • The price of a single influence-trait is desired rating * 3
  • Maximum dots in a individual influence-trait during character creation is 3

An exception to these rules can be bought by PC’s at the cost of downgrading their characters to Limited Playing Characters. This means that ST is allowed to take control over the PC at any time for a short period of time.


The background influences in V20 Core Rulebook is disallowed. It is being replaces with 15 specialised influences backgrounds. More details can be found here.


  • The departure of Clan Gangrel never happend. They are still considered to be a solid part of the Camarilla.
  • The Great Prank is still in effect, although the Week of Nightmares has occurred.

House Rules

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